The future of air mobility

I highly doubt this happens in 8 years.

  • Limited growth of resource mining capabilities. (Similar to pilot shortage, not enough machines, or trained workers, and mines to handle demand for lithium ion battery and semi conductor resources) You can only grow so fast.
  • Lacking ground infrastructure. Where do they land? Where do they charge? How do you get to/from where they land? Who invests in that?
  • Safety. Helicopters had the same grand plan in the 60-70s. But after some bad crashes many places banned helicopter commuting over major cities. They will need massive lobbying and vetted safety tests.
  • Cost. How many people can afford this and would take it over other available options? It’s unlikely to meet public transit requirements so government funding is unlikely. All the above issues add to overall cost as well.

I see EVTOL like ETrucks. Unlikely to rabidly expand outside the upper class until new battery (lighter/energy dense) technology advances.

Chris F