Future of Airline Industry

A couple of weeks ago a new proposal was released by a Congresswoman from New York. This proposal named the Green New Deal seemed to hint at possibly trying to phase out the airline industry and invest into more clean and energy efficient travel. Should people looking to enter the airline industry be concerned about this?


We don’t discuss politics on this site. That said according to FAA 2.6 MILLION people fly in, out and around the US every day. Do you really believe that a simple (over-ambitious, idealistic, unrealistic and completely impractical) proposal from a new Congresswoman will ground the entire country? EVER?

The East and West Coasts will be under water from the ice caps melting before that happens.



Adam…stated like a statesman…well said!


I am not remotely worried about anything concerning the Green New Deal. Period. I would also point out that true high speed rail has been a consistent failure and would have a much larger physical imprint on the earth’s surface than the airlines do. But when you have somebody who’s entire world consists of taking the A train from Astoria to Manhattan, you get crazy proposals like this.




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“Lol” is all I can say


It is not a reason for concern. It took 13 years to build the Freedom Tower. The timeline alone for implementation in just New York would be extraordinary. Although stranger things have happened.

“Unlike ground activities like electricity generation or road transport, long-haul flying doesn’t have alternatives and will depend on liquid fuels for decades to come. The International Air Transport Association, an airline group, says electric commercial aircraft aren’t likely before 2040. Even then, the weight of batteries and the amount of power needed will be restrictive.”