The Pilot Shortage Continues

Interesting read:

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That is a very honest and accurate story. Those responsible for the
situation that Horizon is in have been fired, and the rest have had to
reinterview for their jobs to give the company an opportunity to
restructure itself. There’s not much I can do except do my job as best as I
can and keep my resume current.



I honestly had no idea what was going on there and just assumed (naively) that while there was a shortage most of the Regionals were “keeping up”. As I often say this industry is anything but secure but regardless I’m sure you’ll be fine.


Thanks Adam. I just received an email about Tilden (CEO AAG) and Campbell
(CEO QX) and others will be having a meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss
recovery plans.

This was an interesting article to read, Please keep us updated. I am interested in what happens with Horizon as it is the regional I would like to work for.

Will do.