Training/Class Schedule

Just curious if there was anything available like a mock schedule or training outline that is more in depth than the one on the main website? I would like to get an idea of what a typical day or even week would be like to put it into perspective. TIA.


Many articles come up if you search the subject on the forum. Short answer is there is no typical day, but it usually consists of a ground, a flight or a sim, and self-study in-between. The time of day that your lessons are scheduled will depend on weather, instructor and aircraft availability which is why ATP requires that students be available a minimum of 8-hours a day.



Here is one of the most detailed schedules an active student has posted.

Feel free to browse the student experiences section for more info!


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Awesome! Very helpful! Thanks!


It is safe to say that no day is the same while a student and I think that’s safe to say about the career you’re interested in. Sometimes as a student you could be waiting for a plane to get back when all of a sudden a thunderstorm develops or the plane just got a flat tire and Mx can’t get to it same day, so now you do ground and/or sim in replace. Or there’s a great day that was projected to be “a wash” (as I’ve been calling them) and then all of a sudden it’s beautiful out and you’re clearing the prop. ATP’s requirement is that you must be available 7-days a week, but aim to only have you participating in activities in the training center Monday through Friday. Again, weather and plane availability may extend you into the weekend.