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Typical class day

How does a typical week going to school for the 9month program work? Are you in class or training Monday through Friday?


There really is no typical day. Some days will be all classroom, some all flying, some simulator, and some mixes of the above. There are different phases of the program and they all bring with them a different experience.

Here is a great run down from ATP about what to expect in each stage of the program: Airline Career Pilot Program Flight Training Timeline / ATP Flight School


As Chris mentioned, every day is different depending on the phase of training and the weather. On a beautiful blue sky day during private you may go fly first thing in the morning and do grounds after or vice versa. In instrument with crappy morning fog you may sim and ground and then fly once the weather improves. Really all you can expect is to be at the training center with an event (flight, sim or ground or mix of a few) every week day. Weekends are reserved for makeup time in case your required events didn’t get completed during the week.


Also, lots of study time is done at home. If you have a flight, you may also have a ground that day…but if not, you certainly have plenty to study even if not staying at the training center that day. I usually don’t have grounds and flights the same day. But like I said, that means ground is me going home and going through self-study modules, PHAK or FAR/AIM information. If you haven’t taken your written yet, a lot of time will be devoted to that too.