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I am wondering if there is a training support number for ATP flight school. My spouse has gotten very subpar training and we sent an email to the onsite training support and called and have tried to resolve all issues on site at the ATP location but we are not getting action or a response and getting the run around from instructor and lead instructor. So wondering if there is someone we can talk to that can help us out. Wasn’t sure where to ask but figured this was closest forum to post.



I’m sorry but I’m confused by your post. Did you spouse not ask the Lead Instructor for ATPs Mgmt Contact Number? Shouldn’t be hard to get nor should it be by calling the main number and working your way up the food chain.


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We have tried contacting the on-site training management but it goes to voicemail with the mailbox full so you can’t leave a message and sent an email but no reply still as of yet. We have tried calling admissions and get transferred eventually to training but haven’t had too much luck there either. Get sent to voicemail as well. I did get one call back and tried to call back but also went to voicemail. But going through admissions line could have to wait in line with 44 other people when I don’t need admissions need training mgmt support. So was looking for a number to contact headquarters training support in Jacksonville so I can not clog up the queue for admissions. If that’s not possible that’s ok. But I wanted to at least ask the question.


Under your spouse’s extranet, hit ‘Directory’ and there should be a list of phone numbers to call. They also have an email which is listed under said ‘Directory’ if you felt like emailing and requesting a callback would be more beneficial.


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Ok she will check there. Thank you Brady and Adam for responding, we both really appreciate it.


The direct chain of command should be: instructor, lead instructor, FL regional Training support manager (TSM). That’s your spouses’ training team. If things aren’t going well that’s the focus group that will work together to come to a solution and an action orientated plan to get back on track. If you’re unsuccessful getting a hold of your TSM through the directory, then you can escalate it to admin so that you two can get connected.


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Ok thank you, we were able to get ahold of the TSM but only after reaching out to headquarters and them opening a task. It seems they are going to switch instructors but there was reluctance for whatever reason. Will probably have to get instruction outside of ATP to fill the gap from previous instruction. Shouldn’t have too, but seems to be a lack of accountability we are running into, so be it, will do what we have to to be successful.