Transitioning from Traveler to Student

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if I should ask in this post or the school. My job currently is traveling to different hospitals facilities within the US and ATP is a very big school and so far has been near my assignments. Can you continue as a student at a different state ? Or remain in the registered school till graduation? Usually my assignments are 13 weeks and rarely 6months. Main assignments are in Houston,Texas, Arizona, Oregon.

Thank you

Virginia Bolanos


The ATP Fast Track Program requires a full-time commitment and working while you train is highly discouraged.

ATP also offers the Flex Track which takes longer and would allow you work but training at multiple locations while possible, could be a problem depending on where you are in the program. Further it wouldn’t be something you could just do last minute as schedules get arranged far in advance.

I recommend you contact ATP Admin and ask them directly.