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Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety - Sean D. Tucker

Hey Everyone! New to this forum as I’m looking to transition from the Army as a Helo pilot to a potential career in the airlines. I have flown all over CA, in and out of every airspace, and have enjoyed every minute of it. In my stop-overs throughout the state, I came across the Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety - Sean D. Tucker in King City, CA and was excited about the potential. I was wondering if anyone had attended and had any insight. They specialize in aerobatics and upset training. I definitely am looking forward to adding it to my list of training, but wanted to see if this type of training is valued moving forward in my career, or would it just be an exciting addition.


Never heard of them. I’d be surprised if anyone else has either. I’m from California. King City is one of those towns you drive through on your way to XYZ :wink:

As for the training they offer, it’s not necessary in the least. It sounds fun! And someone in your airline interview panel may think it’s interesting, but airlines aren’t looking for stunt pilots. Their looking for personable airline pilots with a strong base of knowledge, instrument and CRM skills. All the upset training you’ll need will be taught during flight training, and again when you get to the airlines.


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As Tory said, that training definitely looks like fun but it will not help you get to an airline.

Airline pilots are trained to make certain they remain IN the envelope and how to get back should you find yourself out of it. Aerobatics don’t really enter the equation.

Btw, you might want to take a look here. It’s an older program but I believe it’s still going?


If you have extra cash and have the desire to try it out, go for it. It will if anything, be a cool story to tell in lobby with other pilots waiting for your airline interview. Any experience in aviation will add to your skills as a pilot personally. But as the guys said, the airlines won’t care because they will train you exactly how they want.



I have never heard of that school. An aerobatic and upset training school will not do anything to help a career in the airlines. In the commercial world we generally avoid flying upside down, loops, stalls, etc. Depending on how much fixed wing time you have, you might be able to apply straight to the regionals.