Type rating value

Hello everyone,
I’m curious how airlines weigh type ratings. Do they prefer ones from aircraft that they operate? Would delta for example prefer an applicant with a 737 type over an applicant with an A340type? I currently hold a type rating in the B707/B720 and I’m considering getting another type such as 737 in the near future

Thanks again for any input!


The only airline that requires (and desires) a 737 type is SWA. Most hire you as a pilot and will train and type you in the aircraft you’re placed. Walking around with that 737 type can actually be detrimental in some cases. Since SWA is the only airline that desires a 737 type, unless you’ve got a legit reason (ie, you were actually flying one for another airline) I’d caution you against it. I actually know a few pilots who got theirs in the hopes of getting to SWA. When they didn’t every other airline they interviewed with was a afraid if/when SWA called they’d jump ship and passed. Honestly with any other type the airlines aren’t overly concerned. If you can grab something else that’s fine but again I’d be wary of the 737 stigma.


Thank you Adam that is good information!