Hi Everyone

I was just wondering where pilots get their uniforms from? Does the company give them to you? Do you buy them from a third party seller? Are there other colors than white? Can I get my pilot uniform custom made as I am weirdly built since I am too tall for a size small but too skinny for a size medium? Please let me know. As for the blizzards going on, I hope all of you, your family and loved ones are safe and warm during these blizzards, and not without power, as many people are. Stay safe!!!


All airlines work with uniform vendors. At some point during your newhire training you’ll be fitted and then supplied with all the necessary uniform components. Additionally airlines provide a yearly uniform allowance so you can get new pieces as necessary. There are no optional colors hence the term “uniform”. Most vendors offer different “cuts” do accommodate different body types. Beyond that some have their uniforms tailored for a better fit.

Thank you for the well wishes. I’m in Hawaii so sunburn is the biggest threat :wink:



The company provides. And we buy them. If the fit is off, the Company will send the pieces to an approved tailor for alterations.


The 135 side is very similar. In Indoc you get fitted and there are multiple fit options but the colors are set. The company provides the funds for 4 sets but any addition pieces falls on the employee to purchase.



We work with an approved uniform provider. They carry all sorts of sizes and the uniforms can be tailored to fit. The colors are white shirts and navy blue for us. There is no variation in color choice, otherwise it wouldn’t be a “uniform”.