VA disability 80%


I am a combat veteran receiving 80% disability. Only 30% is PTSD and the rest is minor back and neck pain. I don’t take any medication and am functional, but have above average discomfort. I want to live out my dream of becoming an airline pilot and what has me extremely worried, is being able pass the class 1 medical exam needed to be an airline pilot. Any advice or experiences would be appreciated before I invest a lot of money into pursuing this career.

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The best advice that I can give and what ATP requires before enrollment is that you go obtain a First Class Medical from an FAA doctor. It will cost you about $100 or so, but will answer all your questions.

We stay away from answering medical questions on this forum as we are just pilots :slight_smile:


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Here’s a link to help you find the closest AME.


@mmcmahon how did your medical cert turn out? I know this is an old post, but I am in a similar situation and looking for more info.