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Hello everyone,


I am looking for advice from a veteran student or pilot, that have VA disability. I have read a lot around here but I want to know how their VA disability impacted their process to obtain a first class medical.

I schedule a consultation with a AME if everything looks good on my record we will proceed to do the medical.

My understanding is that if is not currently affecting you or within the last 2 year you haven’t experience anything, everything should be fine.

Any little information might help.



EVERY medical issue is unique and if someone was successful or not doesn’t mean you will or not.

You need to consult with your AME.



Thanks Adam.

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I am currently Active Duty but retiring next year. I have had a few issues throughout my career that will result in me receiving VA Disability. With that in mind, I scheduled an appointment with a local AME, I also asked around, hoping to find an AME with military experience or dealing with military flyers. Fortunately I was able to find one and I had an easy time discussing my concerns.

The big deal right now is that the VA and FAA are comparing notes. If you’re receiving VA disability you are required to identify it on your application. A lot of pilots have been getting caught up in this where they weren’t reporting medical conditions to the FAA, but were receiving benefits for those conditions from the VA. Ultimately, your AME will determine if you’re healthy enough to fly. If you have conditions that could effect your ability to fly, you will probably have a number of hoops to jump through.

For me, I have sleep apnea, which means I will receive VA disability for it, and it also means I needed a special issuance. I worked with my AME before my exam to ensure that I had everything they’d need to submit to the FAA the day of my exam. Because I was prepared, had all the required documents, I received my First Class the day of my exam. If you are truly concerned about your medical conditions limiting your flying options, I would recommend looking into - they offer services to help you through the medical examination process, but they’re very expensive ($4k for a consultation if I recall correctly) so I wouldn’t talk to them until AFTER you’ve met with an AME. Additionally, I’d look into RTAG Nation on Facebook or LinkedIn - Most members are Rotor/Helicopter veterans looking to fly for airlines but they have a TON of information for veterans, especially on use of VR&E, GI Bill, Disability, or other benefits.

Ultimately, I’d talk to a local AME, probably schedule your exam, and then go from there.
Hope that helps!


Stephen ,

Thank you for your advice. I have scheduled my appointment for a consultation with and AME , I haven’t found one with military experience, still looking for one. My biggest one and the only one that brings a red flag is the ptsd 30% however it doesn’t said ptsd , it’s noted different on my letter. I put on my app anxiety depression because is what’s on the note on the va letter. However is not something that is currently happening to me and is not a severe issue is moderate and is not combat related. I haven’t read any vet getting it denied.

Also good luck transitioning out and congratulations on your retirement. This is my first year out of the military and I miss the army days as much as I don’t lol

Thanks again.


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Happy to help - I’ve got a buddy that was blown up in Afghanistan that has PTSD in his VA Disability and hasn’t had any issues. I think the major factor will be if you had medications prescribed and if so I think you’ll have to go through some more hoops, probably have to have some documentation from your healthcare provider stating it is under control, not an issue, no longer medicated, whatever. I know it’s possible as my buddy is now flying for United, just know there may be some hoops to jump through!
Thanks man - I can’t wait. I will be done with the Air Force in April and then have a class date of July 15th at ATP’s Tucson location.
Best of luck to you!



I spoke with the AME he said he still have to defer it and go for the long run. I also have a consultation with the wingmanmed on the phone and see what is the course of action after this. Is only 30% ptsd made it sound is not that big of a deal but the only way to know is waiting for the faa to answer back.

Will see, it irritate the hell out of me that when we are getting out they encourage you to do all of this things that might end up hurting the veteran…

Today I’m doing the discovery flight just to at least do that.

Thanks Steve.

I completely understand the frustration. I think it is tough for all involved though - Veteran Service Orgs want you to be fairly compensated for your service related injuries, some vets tend to malinger a bit to get more than they deserve, and if you aren’t familiar with FAA rules and processes, you definitely will have to jump through some more hoops. I wouldn’t get discouraged yet, I’ve heard great things about WingmanMed and being deferred doesn’t really mean you won’t get approved - just remember, these processes exist to keep pilots and passengers safe so the FAA isn’t going to just approve everyone left and right all Willy Nilly :man_shrugging:t2: Be patient, get them what they ask for, and knock out some studying for the written test or get some flights in!
Good luck with the discovery flight!

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I talked to wingmanmed, and they are going to help out with my case. To have a solid case and documentation for when I get my medical. LOOONG process without counting the 2-4 month that they said is gonna take. Price wise is 1500 which is really not bad at all since they are going to give me a detailed plan to do. what’s expensive is the other exams.

Discovery flight: Once of the best experience I ever had so far was this. I am so looked in with this that is now impossible to not think about flying. He let me take control of the plane for most of the flight. I was impress with my performance tbh, for the first time I was impress with how well I handle it. He pulled couple G’s and other things. Anyway, the best time I had so far this year.

I’ll keep you all posted.


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