View from the Front Office


I love this view.

You should post a picture of your final approach on 8R or 8L into HNL. I miss my Air Force days of sitting on the flight line watching all the planes come in or sitting on the beach watching them taxi over the water and take off runway 8R.

Perhaps the next time I’m in the jumpseat. Generally when we’re on final I’m busy doing other stuff :slight_smile:



What are the rules to filming the flight? I see tons of go-pro videos from part 91 and 135 flying but none of ones from airlines in the US. I assume there is a rule on this, but I have no clue if there is or not. Thanks

Electronic devices are specifically banned from use in the cockpit, this of course includes cameras, hence the reason you will not see videos from US airlines.

Even for part 91 or 135, I wouldn’t do it. In the unfortunate event that something were to happen, I would hate to have to explain to the FAA why I was messing with a video camera when I was supposed to be flying.

Ah, I did not know that for part 91 or 135. I can’t see how a go pro, set up before the flight, would be a distraction. Unless of course the pilot is messing with it during flight.

I also have just never felt the need to record my flights, but I can see where some people would. In the airlines though, it shouldn’t happen.

Because Garrett a) people do mess with them, b) if after you set up your illegal unapproved GoPro in the cockpit and Mr FAA shows up for the jumpseat you can kiss the licenses you spent $66k on bye bye and finally c) if you hit some turbulence (which is common on approach) and your GoPro comes loose and whacks you in the face at 100’ and you kill 300 people that would be a bad thing don’t you think?

The airlines pay pilots very well to do a job. You expect them to pay you for doing your job and they expect you in return to do it professionally. Sounds fair to me.



That does make sense and would be very bad. Seems fair to me as well.

I guess that explains why all the YouTube videos you see are from pilots in other countrys.

i get the restriction about recording. but what about snapping a few pics, while mid flight on a medium to long haul flight, when you are not doing anything , just couple of minutes? still bad or tolerable? or you need to be in a jumpseat to be able to record or snap pics?


The rules are very clear and basically state you’re not supposed to do anything that distracts, interferes or is not related to the job . That said I’m not going to tell you it never happens. Problem is IF something should go awry and you’re taking selfies you’re going to have to explain to the FAA and the NTSB why you were violating the FARs.


Since the Colgan crash, it is actually a federal law (not just a regulation) that pilots can not operate any electronic devices in an airplane cockpit except ones that are FAA approved.

What about using something like a GoPro as a jumpseat pilot? Or is the rule applicable to the cockpit and not the actual crew?

EDIT: Sorry, I’m an idiot…just saw at the top that Adam took the pic as a jumpseat pilot.

At my airline GoPro is strictly forbidden, but rules vary from one airline to the next. Just think about it, anything that can be distracting, like a GoPro falling off the windshield is forbidden. Even if something is not specifically forbidden, the FAA can always come after somebody under the catch all “careless and reckless” charge, so it is best to play it very conservatively.

Good video from Mentour Pilot explaining exactly the reason this isn’t allowed. It’s about safety and preserving the public’s confidence in the individual airline’s ability to operate with competent employees. It’s because the airline strives to display a professional image and they can’t be liable for individual pilot’s actions on social media affecting the trust of the passengers.

That is one long-winded guy, but his points are spot on.