New is Nice! A330

Got to fly this puppy yesterday. Fresh in from Toulouse :kissing_heart:


Lets see the cockpit, I know you have a picture of it :slight_smile:

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Believe it or not I don’t. I was so busy touching and smelling the “newness” it slipped my mind and then I had to get busy doing important pilot stuff. Next time.

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A thing of beauty Adam!
Saw that you were at Hawaiian Airlines?! Pretty much my dream job sir. Based on Oahu island hopping for a while and then international.

It is a sexy beast! :wink:

Blake do you live in Hawaii? If so Interisland is (IMHO) the greatest gig in aviation. I went to the A330 because I wanted to check the “Flew BIG airplane around the World” box but first chance I get I’m going back to Interisland. Most airlines have a Seat Lock when you transition to a new airplane (because training is expensive), usually 2-3 yrs BUT I WILL BE BACK!

Nice. No I’m not in Hawaii, DFW area actually, but have visited and its one of my favorite places. To fly there would be amazing. I imagine it can be tight on the budget with living expenses the way they are there but obviously would be a later in the career type of change to afford it. Daydreaming…
Ever get nervous flying long distances over the Pacific?

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Hawaii really isn’t that bad expense wise. Problem is everyone goes to Honolulu/Waikiki and use that as their gauge. Waikiki is really one big resort. It’s like going to Disney World and saying FL is expensive. It’s not cheap but really not terrible.

I always feel funny answering the “do you get nervous/scared question?” (which actually comes up a lot). The answer is no and that’s not bravado. Without sounding too cocky, I’m a good pilot with a fair amount of experience and I fly good, well maintained equipment. I’ve had emergencies and that’s when your training kicks in. Funny though you should mention the Pacific. When USAir 1549 went down in the Hudson all I could think of was how cold that water is. Personally I have a STRONG aversion to the cold (main reason I moved to Hawaii). The Mid-Pacific, for the most part, is fairly warm compared to the Atlantic (no icebergs) so while I don’t want to go swimming, at least I won’t freeze :grin:


Hey, Blake! This is Steve and I live in Plano. Where do you live in DFW? It is very nice to hear that. TEXAN! ^^