Vision - Monocular

Can someone have monocular vision and still fly commercial planes and get a pilot license. Meaning blind in one eye but perfect vision in another.


None of us are Drs but here’s what the FAA says on the subject:,67%20(14%20CFR%2067.401).&text=Item%2050%20of%20FAA%20Form,standards%20are%20applied%20as%20usual.

With that said you need to consult with an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner).



As Adam said, none of us are FAA doctors. What I can tell you is that your condition might be approved, but that it will be a lengthy process with the FAA. I have known pilots to fly for the airlines while only having one eye.

I wold recommend having a consultation with these people before going to a FAA doctor. It will cost you some money, but will be well worth it.



I have a friend with monocular vision. He flies for SkyWest. In order to get his medical certificate he had to get a Statement of Demonstrated Ability (SODA).