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What after ATP Training

Hey everyone, I am just planning to start my ATP training very soon.
I have one quick question about FAA requirements. How can I build 1500 Hrs flight time after my ATP training?


There are a number of different low time pilot jobs but the most common method is flight instruction. In fact ATP offers successful grads instructor positions based on availability. Many find jobs instructing elsewhere while others seek other options (banner tow, traffic watch, aerial survey, etc).

If you are in fact “planning to start my ATP training very soon” this is really information you should be very familiar with. I strongly recommend you visit our FAQ section as well as the ATP website and do some reading so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.



The vast majority of pilots build their flight time via flight instructing. It is hard work and not very glamorous, but it is certainly the best way to build flight time and the way in which you will learn the most and improve as a pilot.


Aviation Career Mentorship on Facebook is a good network and place to search.

Usually it’s flight instructions, but I’ll give examples why networking is important no matter what.

The best network is your flying buddies and make friends at the Airport you’re at. Go hangout at the local FBO and on the ramp talking to people. Stay in touch with your CFIs and ppl that are ahead of you in training.

I literally had a job flying a new Baron for a family and when I went to the Airlines they asked me for a new pilot. I gave them my buddies name who I knew met the minimums and would be around for 4-8months time building. $50/hr cash handshake to handshake. Another buddy in our network got a Jumper job and then PC12 job the same way.

When you’re ready for the airlines, you’ll likely call them up for a letter of recommendation.

I have a group on Snapchat and FB.

Many pilots have the skills, but It’s a lot about who you know,
Chris F

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As the mentors above have already stated, there are tons of paths you can take after ATP to build flight time.

Like Chris above me here stated, the best place of networking is at an airport’s FBO. I’ve met a lot of connections and while waiting for my call-up at ATP as an instructor I was flying in different types of airplanes: Cherokee, Mooney, Skyhawk, Cirrus SR-22. I even got to do a long haul trip from PA to FL in a Mooney, 5 hours of flight time to get to the beach!

I know individuals who have went the jumper route, instructed at schools, aerial photography, banner towing, tons of options. Do a quick Google search for “flying jobs” and you’d be surprised what comes up in your area.