What should I be doing now?

I am currently going to community college to get my associates degree, and my plan is to go to ATP after I graduate next year, and my question is what should I be doing now? Is there anything I should be working on or anything I should be learning while I am waiting to finish my associates degree to help me during/post ATP?


We always recommend people get a jump on things by completing some (if not all) the FAA Knowledge exams (there’s 6). However the study material won’t be provided to you until you actually enroll, pay your deposit and select a start date. You could purchase them on your own but they’re expensive and also the tests expire after 24mos so if your plans were delayed you could end up taking them twice. I’d relax and enjoy your spare time because you won’t have much after you start. If you’re that bored maybe take some additional classes to make a bigger dent in your 4yr degree when the time comes.



There really isn’t too much that you can be doing now. As Adam said, get a jump on the writtens after you have put your deposit down, but other than that, there isn’t too much you can do.