Will stuttering affect me getting hired with the airlines?

I’m currently working on my PPL at my university. But, I have a not so major stutter on the radios and it causes me to read back a little slower in the frequency. I can communicate I just get stuck on some words. Will this hurt my chances with getting hired with an airline someday. I’d rather know now then when im no to far in this. Thank you.


Many pilots have communication issues, at least at first. There’s a host of pilots from other countries who come here and wrestle with the language. That forces them to be very slow and methodical on the radio which is fine. That said I honestly don’t know any airline pilots who have an actual stutter? Not saying there aren’t I’m just saying I haven’t met them. I’m really guessing here but I would think as long as you can control it for the most part there’s nothing wrong with reading back “a little slower”. I obviously don’t know the extent of the stutter or if it’s something you can work on with practice (or perhaps it’s also nervous related and as you get my familiar and comfortable it may improve?). As I said many pilots have comm issues but they get better over time with practice. If you can do the same I believe you’ll be fine, if not it could be an issue.



If it is a noticeable stutter, you might have issues getting hired at an airline. You need to be able to read back clearances in a reasonable time frame and to clearly convey your thoughts. I think you should have a good heart-to-heart discussion with your CFI before proceeding any further.