The accent matter

Hey guys i am new in this forum but i have some questions what i would like some one could answer me,for example:the english is my second language,my first language is the spanish,i have a strong accent but i can communicate very well,so i would like to know if this can be a issue for go through this process?

Based on your writing, yes this will be an issue for you. I recommend that you continue to work on improving your English.

English is aviation’s unerversual language. If you can communicate and understand English you shouldn’t have a problem.

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Thanks Marcus12280,That’s what I thought

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Chris:Maybe for this school is a problem but i’m not agree with them,i just needed to ask because i have another options,if i can write,i can understand and i can communicate in a right way i don’t see why i can’t go through,thanks for your answer


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If at any point during a checkride the examiner isn’t comfortable with your command of the English language they can require you to pass and English proficiency exam. It has nothing to do with this school. Based on your posts you may in fact have an issue and you should address it if you want to be successful as a pilot.


Have any of the international pilots pursued accent training outside of their flight training? Some private speech pathologists are offering that service these days.