With holding info on medxpress form

I’m curious to see where y’all stand on this topic, but in a Facebook group someone post about being denied a medical due to previous ADHD diagnosis. And reading through the comments it baffles me how many people that are pilots in the group said that’s why you never disclose stuff to the FAA. It just got me thinking because some girl started arguing with me about he the FAA can’t find out because the medical records are private, yet couldn’t theoretically, the FAA go into your medical history if they so choose? All I told her was that it is just a matter of when they catch you in the lie and proceeded to link her the article for the pilots that were indicted due to lying on that form.

Also another side topic related to this, what would you do if your captain or FO let it slipped, would you go out of your way to report them after the flight?


If you’re asking how I feel about people lying on a federal application I’m not a fan. There’s a reason the FAA asks the questions they ask and that’s ultimately the safety of those who put their trust, safety and lives into that pilot’s hands. If someone’s condition is truly not a concern they should have nothing to hide and if it is they maybe shouldn’t be flying. Regardless I’m certain there are pilots who do falsify and aren’t caught but there are also plenty who are and I have zero compassion for them. These things often emerge from some unforeseen circumstance and when they do it gets ugly fast. The most common result is a revocation of all their licenses and ratings and then obviously termination. Loss of license insurance doesn’t cover fraud.

As for your other question if another pilot was dishonest enough to commit fraud and stupid enough to let it slip I absolutely would report them. It wouldn’t require going out of my way, just a quick phone call to the FAA. The number is already in my contact list.


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There is no such thing as private medical information when it comes to the FAA. The FAA has the right to look at all of your medical records, including insurance records.

I can’t imagine an airline pilot falsifying medical information, most of us are pretty straight forward with our medical information.


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Ya that’s what I thought. I kinda figured it wouldn’t be private because flying an aircraft is a big deal. It makes sense that by filling out that form you are consenting to them digging through ur medical history.

I’m just honestly astounded by how that’s what a lot of people suggested to the guy who’s medical got deferred.


As astounding as it is, I know it happens. I actually taught a student (which I didn’t know at the time) who had lied about a medical condition, which the FAA eventually found out about because his disclosed medical conditions did not match his prescriptions. His medical was revoked. What a waste. It is never worth it to hide anything from the FAA. Not only are you risking getting caught, you are putting everyone else in danger. There’s a reason why the FAA takes this so seriously.


When I was 16 I was misdiagnosed with ADHD and prescribed adderall. As a result of that, my medical cert was revoked. I can tell you first hand that losing your medical cert is no joke. Mine was revoked and when I decided to get back into aviation 13 years later without ever have taken any meds, I went on a 10 month ordeal with the FAA to finally get it back. This crazy trip overall, cost just shy of 8 grand. I lost my medical just by telling my AME I was prescribed this medication, I can only imagine what would have happened if I had tried to hide it. Plus if I had hid it and been involved in an accident they would have found out and had everything they needed to use that magical term Pilot Error, and that’s not something I want associated with my name. So while I personally won’t trust or go to a doctor except via ambulance, I also wouldn’t even dream of hiding anything from the FAA that may cause me an issue holding a medical. When in doubt contact an AME and ask. They know more about this stuff than any person here. Hell many times you may just have to voluntarily ground yourself for a specific period but after which you are good to go fly again. To me that sure beats getting caught lying and having my career tossed in the trash over a stupid decision.

And as far a reporting another pilot, he’ll yeah I would. Peoples lives are not something to play with.


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Lucky with the amount of time and money it took me to get fixed. Bout 4K and 4 months so I know it is a big deal