World War 3 crises

Hey guys, you probably know this even though I’m not saying WW3 is a certainty but it’s indeed a possibility. How would this whole entire situation affect the airline industry and pilot shortage as a whole? I’m concerned. Nobody is talking about this and I thought I needed to address this topic. Thank you


No one is talking about it because there’s nothing to talk about.
A) there won’t be a WW3
B) if there were the shortage would get worse because a good portion of pilots are military reserve and they’d be shipped off and we’d all get raises
C) if there were and it goes nuclear then it would start the Zombie apocalypse and you’d have bigger fish to fry.

Please find something else to be concerned about.



I don’t know if there is a WWIII, but I better get into Pilot school before Uncle Sam tells me to deploy. I’m so praying for sallie mae to approve my request.

I am not sure that being in pilot school will prevent you from having to deploy. When the military calls, you have to go.

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