X-Country Time?

I just did a flight with a Capt who’s son will be starting at ATP this summer (he actually asked me “hey you’re that guy from the ATP forum right?” which was a first). Anyway we were chatting away about ATP when he asked something I though was odd? He asked how much was the X-country phase of flying going to cost above the training program? I asked what he meant and he said “well you’re not receiving instruction so I assume you’ve got to pay EXTRA for the use of the aircraft while building the time”. When I explained it was ALL INCLUDED he was amazed (not to mention VERY happy). I thought perhaps he’s not the only person with that question or misunderstanding so I figured I’d convey the story. I never really thought of it but yes, at any other school if you want/need to just go fly they will charge you for using the plane. Kinda cool ATP doesn’t :slight_smile:


Wait, what? So after receiving my ratings at ATP, if I’m free on the weekends while still attending the program I can request to fly in order to build hours?


If you have received all of your ratings, you will no longer be in the program. You will get the flight hours that are advertised as part of the Airline Career Pilot Program. Adam was simply pointing out that the cross country hours are included as part of the package, unlike at most flight schools.


Ahh I see, thanks Chris, I got a bit carried away there.