10 year fbi background check

Hello all! I was wondering if the FBI background check goes further back than 10 years or they only check records within the past 10 years? Will records pass the 10 year threshold still be seen?


The airlines and the FAA generally ask “have you ever…” There is no hiding your record, it does not matter if it is expunged, purged, pardoned, plead out, etc. You still did it and they will know, no matter how long it has been.



These questions always make me smile.

This morning I was saying I’m in the mood for a steak and my newsfeed was miraculously filled with steakhouses on my area. Do you not think the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has better resources than Google? Further we’re talking about access to airplanes and airports (you know the place where you need to go through body scans and can’t carry more than 3oz of any liquid just to get a seat in the back).

Honestly I’m not picking on you but I really don’t think people grasp the responsibility you’re granted as a pilot. People literally are putting their lives in your hands so yes, the Feds will see EVERYTHING you’ve ever done. Ever.


I’ve got you beat Adam. I’ve applied for jobs with the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service in the past. I also got to work security when the First Lady visited my jurisdiction when I was working in law enforcement. Safe to say the federal government knows more about me than I know about me. :rofl:

And the funny thing is that the government clearances like Top Secret don’t ask on the SF86 questionnaire “have you ever….” for these same questions. They ask “in the last 7 years have you….” for criminal, drug, alcohol related incidents, arrests, etc. They do ask if you’ve ever voluntarily or mandated to attend drug or alcohol counseling.

The “whole person” concept is what ultimately matters. If you’ve had missteps some years back but have shown solid mitigation steps to put those tendencies behind you in the years since, it helps.


I agree to some degree but the airlines are not the Federal Govt. If an agent goes rogue or does something foolish it seldom makes it on to the 6 o’clock news. If a pilot has a REALLY bad day at work the whole world will know and yes the fact they had a DUI on their record will be part of the story. Optics have alot to do with the hiring process.