100+ hour Multi-Engine more valuable now?

I recently reserved a start date for August 10th at KGEU. For commuting purposes, the plan is to transfer to KIWA after the PPL portion for the 100+ hour multi add on. I just wanted to hear if you guys think opting for the Multi add on is the way to go now that the aviation industry has taken a hit because of COVID. Of course it would be great to save the money, but will the multi option give an advantage in the current climate?


While the 100hr is def not required, I’ve always felt it was the way to go (and btw when I did the program it was the only option). The best thing any pilot can do for their future is to create options. I’ve been doing this for a while and frankly when I read posts where people say “I don’t need a degree because I’m going to definitely get into a flow thru”, “I only want to fly for this airline”, “I’m going to this university because they have a guaranteed interview with this one airline” etc etc. The fact is while I love this industry there are literally no guarantees and no “I’m definitely”. Doesn’t exist. The industry changes daily and if anyone doubts that they need to turn on the news.

So what’s my point? The 100hr multi creates options. Now I personally believe things will recover BUT if after you’re done with training and you’ve got your 100+hrs of multi you’ll have more opportunities than those without. Before the pilot shortage the biggest factor in getting hired at a Regional was multi time. I got hired with literally thousands of hours less than other pilots I knew because they didn’t have enough multi and couldn’t get an interview. Corporate gigs? They want to see multi time too.

Short answer is yes. It’s a good idea.




I think the 100 hour program is a great option and will help advance your career. With the airlines not being the most certain now, other routes are becoming viable options. Many of these smaller companies want to see at least 100 hours of multi engine time; you will be able to check that box.

Qualifications matter and multi time is part of that.


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Insurance costs and requirements are only getting higher.
Having a wet CFI/MEI/II with 100hr Multi will open more doors sooner.

The only cheaper option would be to rent a Multi from local flight school and split costs with another pilot. But this doesn’t have the convenience of being bundled into ATP loan, so would require cash. Also doesn’t have ATPs support / dispatch and maintenance.

I went 0hr to 1500hrs while everyone was begging for pilots and did the 50hr program. Today I would really consider paying for 100hrs of multi.