40 ME or 100 ME

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I’ve greatly enjoyed this forum and am gaining a lot of great knowledge.

I’m starting to put everything together and really understanding how this program works and believe it will be my choice in the future. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going for either the 40 ME or 100 ME track? As someone who will be saving up and paying cash for the program I’m wanting to make sire I take the time to get all the necessary information of cost for the program. Is it better to do the 100 ME track to get more hours or will I be getting those other 60 hours as an instructor for ATP? The cost is nearly $10,000 more for 100 as opposed to 40.

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Dan Kiley


It sounds like your plan is to instruct with ATP. As such, I would recommend that you do the 40 hour program. You will get plenty of multi time as an ATP instructor.

The advantage to the 100 hour program is for those who do not wish to instruct with ATP, but want to have more multi engine hours.

My advice would be to save your money and do the 40 hour program, you will get the exact same education for significantly less money.


To add on to the original question… if taking the 40 hr multi engine option, will that mean I need to do an instrument check ride again in a multi engine aircraft after passing it in the single engine instrument check ride? If that’s the case, does doing the 100hr option and doing the instrument check ride in a multi engine aircraft negate the need to do a second instrument check ride?
I’m a little unsure of the rules and should probably look at my FAR/AIM book but would love to read any insight anyone can provide.


Kinda. You will get your SE instrument first in the 40hr program. When you go for your ME rating you will have to do a SE Instrument approach (or 2) to “demonstrate” your ability. So while you won’t have to do another Instrument checkride, you will need to do a couple of extra approaches. Since flying a twin (with both engines working) is really no different than flying a single, yes if you got your IR in the twin you wouldn’t have to do anything different or extra. Make sense?


Makes complete sense! Thank you sir!

I’ve read some of the other post regarding the 40 vs. 100 ME options but didn’t see anything pertaining to the instrument questions that I asked. Also, after reading this other posts, and and your response to my questions, it’s seems that the obvious choice really is to take the 40 hr option and save the $$.

Thanks again Chris!

Edit: thank you Adam!! Ha! Sorry about that!

I appreciate the help as well! I know this what I want to do and just need to be patient and save up money to invest in this.

Anytime guys, we are always happy to help answer your questions :slight_smile: