79% on FIA Written

Hey all,

I just took the FIA exam and the CAX exam today. I thought the FIA Sheppard question bank was the same as CAX, similar to the similarities of the IRA and the FII & IGI. I was completely wrong and took the FIA and got a 79%. I got a 95% on the CAX. What are your opinions on showing up to a CFI checkride with a 79% written? Sheppard has been great and I’m thinking I should retake it closer to the checkride…

I would absolutely retake that written. I would not show up with anything less than a 90%.

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You don’t have to retake it, but I would, especially since that score is a reflection of an assumption you made about the question bank. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you review the subject areas you were deficient in. Your Score Report should have a list of PLT codes. Those PLT codes correspond the the questions you got wrong. The PLT codes can be found on the FAAs website. The codes do not direct you to the exact questions you got wrong, but they direct you to the subject the questions were referring to.


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Thanks!! I’m going to retake it closer to CFI school.

Ditto. Definitely a retake. The CFI checkride is arguably the toughest there is and you don’t want to start down note.


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