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A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

Please welcome me to the brotherhood…


ATTABOY!!! When is your start date and which location?

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Congrats and Welcome Sergey! How you doing on those writtens? :wink:


Congrats. Hope your experience will be great.

Congrats man. When do you start? I’m schedule to begin at OGD end of August. I can’t wait to get started!

Wow, that is a blast from the past. Many of those books are the same ones that I received.

By the way, it has been 14 years since I went to ATP, my ATP book bag is still serving me very well, as a diaper bag for my young children. Needless to say, I sure wasn’t thinking of that the day I unpacked my box of books.



I will be starting at DAB September 4th. The classes are now booked through early October.

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Thank you, Adam! I am coming along slowly. Ready-ish for my PAR. Studied for it using only Sporty’s and was getting low-90 scores. So I am about 3 hours into King’s course now, hoping to finish it and take the PAR by the end of June with a high-90 target score. IRA/FII is next… I am alotting 5 weeks for that question bank with Shep software. Then I hope to knock out CAX and FOI by end of August. I also started the curriculum itself to get a jump start on Private, and listen to DAB tower frequency to get accustomed to their ATC comms. I want to come prepared.


DAB—Daytona Beach—September 4. :blush: Best of luck to you!


Congrats on the big step! I was getting low 90s using just the free Sporty’s prepware and scored a 90% on the PAR. I’d take that immediately. IRA, IGI, and FII are VERY similar so take those back-to-back. Heard the CAX, AGI, and FIA are also very similar, but I’m not sure since I haven’t gotten to those yet.

I’m studying for the CAX and it’s pretty similar to the PAR so you could consider getting the CAX out of the way as soon as you finish PAR. I know a lot of my friends did. It’s really up to you on how you attack this. Attacking PAR, CAX, FIA, and AGI back-to-back first is then do the instrument stuff seems a bit more fluid, but again, it’s up to you!

Have fun!

Hope this helps,
Yuran D.

Thanks, Yuran! I will definitely look at getting those exams paired up. I won’t be taking the ground instructor modules at this time though. Just the top 6…

Sounds good! I definitely recommend you get your ground instructor certificates at some point! Very useful took and a good resume booster!


I’m also starting at Daytona in September 4th!!

Awesome! It will be a blast!

Welcome to Daytona Beach! Hope I can be in your welcome commeete! I started instructing at DAB june 15! Almost a year after I started studying at this location! Welcome Sergey!


Thank you, Enrico! I’m excited! I will be there in the next week or so to take my PAR and will come back a few more times for the other writtens. I will give you a heads up so we can finally meet in person.

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Welcome guys! I’ll be joining the DAB team soon too, but on the Instructor side. Less than a year ago I was in your shoes and next week I start Standardization. I remember how exciting it was to get my bag (and the books too I guess) and just waiting for the start date. Make sure to start studying up it’ll give you a leg up and make the program a lot easier.

As far as the writtens, if you’re making above a 90 go ahead and take it I know it’s stressful, specially your first, but you will do well. Add me to the vote for taking the ground instructors too! They’re the same test and I can’t say much about the impact on airline hiring but I’d bet showing the slight effort ($150 and an extra hour) for an extra certificate has to look good.

Looking forward to meeting you all and maybe even have one of you as my student!

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The extra certs can’t hurt a resume (but I’m not sure they’ve ever helped either?) BUT what I have gotten some traction with is my Gold Seal Instructor certificate (which requires a Ground Instructor Cert, any is fine). I’ve been in the training dept at both my airlines and during both interviews the Gold Seal was mentioned.



That’s a great point! Thank you, Adam!

Adam, were you able to meet your Gold Seal minima while at ATP? It calls for 10 practical tests (check rides) with an 80% pass rate. I presume that’s not 10 students, but 10 checkrides?