Aaand done! ATP CFI Mesa Arizona :)

I just finished my last checkride with ATP!!! :slight_smile: I’m scheduled for Indoc for Mesa Arizona on the 21st!!! Holy moly what a long journey!



Congratulations! What a great accomplishment. Don’t forget to sign up fir the ATP Alumni Association at: as we have some exciting things going on over there.

Congrats again and please keep us in the loop as you progress through your career.


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Thank you Chris! And done! looks like i just missed the last get-together :slight_smile: And definitely will do, time permitting that is since I don’t see me having too much of it free :wink:

We are planning another reception in March, but it will be in Orlando. The free CFI renewal is my personal favorite part of the Alumni Association.



I was bummed I couldn’t make it to the one in Dallas but I was on IOE! I hope to make it to that one!!!

Congrats!!! Enjoy your time as an instructor because it will go by so fast. You will learn a lot and become more confident as you go on. If you ever need advice feel free to reach out!

How do you register for the kings schools FIRC? I see the page but says i must have successfully graduated the ACPP. Probably just takes a little time :stuck_out_tongue: and Thanks Tucker!!! Will do!

Don’t worry about that for awhile. You got two years. That reminds me mine is coming up soon :joy:


It just takes a while. Plus you can’t do it yet anyways, you have two years.


Hello, I’m 57 years old, I’m I too old to realize my dreams of becoming a airline pilot ?

I would say yes, you are too old. Check out the FAQ section as there is a detailed response to this.

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Congrats Michael! You flew through the CFII to MEI!

Thanks again for your offer to let me carpool with you to the MEI!


I flew with a pilot about 10 years ago who had always dreamed of being a pilot. He was a new hire at 60. He was financially secure and it was simply something he wanted to do.

If you start TODAY you could be at a Regional in 2 yrs. You’re never going to fly for a Major, cross any oceans or make the big bucks, BUT, if you’ve got the funds and want to spend the 5-6 yrs flying around the country in a really cool jet then why not.


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