AASI, Special Issuance

I have passed my first class medical and require one every 6 months due to age. My AME foresees a vision issue in one eye that may drop below 20/20 and may not be correctable to better than 20/25. How does a Special issuance affect your career if it is approved by the FAA.

I recommend you check with the recruiting departments of several regional airlines for a confirmed answer, but I do not think that a special issuance will be a big deal. I am not sure under what conditions a special issuance can be offered for a first class medical, it is best to keep working with your AME on that front.


Did your AME say you could get a special issuance for that one eye? As a general rule a Special Issuance isn’t a problem as long as you can maintain your First Class. It’s if it gets pulled that would cause a problem.