Adam: Do you ever fly to KSEA?

Hi Adam! My wife and I are going to Maui in May and it looks like we are flying an A330 on Hawaiian, so it made me think of you. Do you ever fly to KSEA? Would be awesome to meet you if, by chance, our schedules aligned :slight_smile:

Hi John,

SEA trips are actually really senior since Hawaiian has quite a few SEA commuters. I do on occasion get one but not often. Let me know when you’re out and we’ll see if we can meet or if I go to SEA I’ll do the same.


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Thanks Adam! We’re leaving SEA on May 9th and returning on May 16th.

Only OGG?

On Hawaiian, yes. But I’ll also be flying an SR22 from OGG to Honolulu to Lanai to Hilo and then to Hana one of the days :slight_smile: That will be a lot of fun!

That definitely sounds cool. Just be careful, at least once a month the Coast Guard ends up fishing some poor pilot and their family out of the channel. Single engine is scary, I like at least 2! :slight_smile:


Careful is always the plan :slight_smile: