ADHD Deferral

I just recently got my AME exam and I got deferred because I took ADHD medication about two years ago. The reason I started taking it was because I had a hard time in college, so I went to a doctor and got prescribed Ritalin. The doctor who prescribed me didn’t even give me a diagnosis. All I told him that I was having a hard time in school and he just gave me drugs. I was probably in there for five minutes. Fast-forward I only took the medication for three months and it didn’t even end up helping me And I just stopped taking it after those three months and haven’t taken it in two ,and I realized that I wasn’t enjoying college and my classes nor did I even want to be there as to why I was having a hard time in school.

My AME told me to get a letter from my Doctor Who prescribed me the medication to state that I don’t take the medication anymore and haven’t for two years as well as stating on the letter from a doctor that the medication didn’t work.

My AME told me that the FAA will most likely just need that letter from the doctor and I won’t have to do a neurologist test for having taken ADHD medication. Is that true or Does anyone have any Experiences with this?


Whether someone has had a similar experience or not doesn’t matter. This is YOUR case and everyone is different. The only person who can advise you is got AME but for some reason you seem to not trust them?


It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s because I had a buddy with a similar situation And he had to do a neurologist test, but my doctor was saying that he thinks I wouldn’t have to.

Also, just seeing if anyone has had a similar experience just curious is all

Again similar doesn’t matter. Your case is your case. Follow your AMEs instructions and you should be fine, if that’s what they tell you.


Hey, Tanner. You’re not alone with this issue. I recommend reaching out to Zack Friedman who has had to go through the whole deferral process. Like Adam said, you will need to process and submit through your DPE, and it’s also helpful to get other insights so you know what to expect and how it might go (no promises there).

Also, reach out to the Pilot Mental Health Campaign, they may be of service and support.

Good luck!