I have ADHD ever since I can remember. I take vyvanse and was reading up the FAA medical. It say no vyvanse so does this mean I can’t ever follow my dream of becoming a pilot or can I get off the drug and still manage to be a pilot?


First and foremost we are not experts in
aviation medical issues. That said what I do know is there are different levels/degrees of ADHD. If you’re currently on an FAA prohibited medication than you obviously can’t get a medical. The question is can your ADHD be managed using an alternate non banned medication? I would talk to your physician, see what’s available and crosscheck with the FAA list (or even better consult an AME, Aviation Medical Examiner). That’s the only way you’ll know for certain where you stand.



You will need to speak with a FAA medical examiner on this one as we are not able to dispense medical advice. You can find one on the FAA’s website.