I I have ADHD will that be a BIG RED FLAG to the airlines or not really?

A family friend once told me that my ADHD will be a big red flag to the airlines is that an accurate statement?

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Hi Jack,

A friend saying you have ADHD is a far cry from a formal diagnosis and even if you did that wouldn’t necessarily be a “red flag” for the airlines. Unless of course the only treatment was a prohibited drug.


Hi Adam,

I do agree 100% with you on that one the thing is that I actually do have ADHD. What exactly do you mean by a prohibited drug? An illegal one or just a drug that will affect how I can handle my work load?


I am not an FAA medical examiner, but it is my understanding that ADD in itself is not a problem. Certain prescription drugs like Adderall are prohibited by the FAA and would thus disqualify somebody that is taking them from obtaining a medical certificate. I recommend that you speak with an FAA medical examiner about your specific circumstances.



Thanks for the input. So I know that I am currently on Resperidone which does contain Adderall so do you know by chance that if I am off of that by the time I’m done with my training will I still get accepted?


It isn’t a question of the airlines accepting you, they will likely never ask whether or not you have ADD. The problem is that the FAA will not allow you to obtain a medical certificate while on certain drugs, thus you couldn’t even begin your training if you are taking them.

I did a quick search of the FAA database at www.aviationmedicine.com and did not see your prescription listed, but it is listed as an antipsychotic medicine and those are generally not allowed. That being said, you need to check with an FAA Medical Examiner for an official answer.

Generally speaking, students that have ADD need to find a way to get off all medications before they can begin flight training.



Thank you so much for your patience with me! I will check out that link now.

Anytime. Again though, only a medical examiner can give you an official answer.