Admissions flight no-show from ATP

Hey there!

I scheduled an admissions flight a couple of weeks ago for a location in Florida. Unfortunately there is no one here and the door is closed and locked. The time for my admissions flight was 40 minutes ago so it’s looking like no one is coming, but I’d still like to reach out to someone.

Does anyone know if there is a number to contact ATP (other than their main (904)595-7950 number) that can be reached on the weekends?

I live an hour away and work full time (pretty much every weekend) so am unsure when I’ll be available next to schedule an admissions flight. Thanks for your help!


Sorry to hear this may have happened. Did a Training Support Specialist or Lead Flight Instructor from the location you were visiting reach out previously? Any Admissions Flight scheduled through Admissions is handed to the training center team and processed. The “no one is here” raises my eyebrows given ATP trains day light to night, whether it’s aircraft or simulator events. The only time I would ever think the “no one is here” is if someone sporadically just shows up to a training center (which is not recommended) and everyone is out flying or not at the facility at the time.

The primary number 904-595-7950 will be able to direct you to any department you need; furthermore, Admissions who handles these things.



Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately no, I never received an email from a Training Support Specialist or Lead Flight Instructor from the location. The only email I received was from ATP admissions confirming my date, time, and location for this admissions flight. I’m thinking maybe there was some miscommunication between the main ATP office and the training center. I waited outside the dark, locked office for 1.5 hours for that reason- hoping someone from ATP that was out flying would show up, but had no luck. I will call the primary number when they open back up on Monday. Thanks again!


I checked with ATP admin, they really value the feedback from you and have adjusted their Admission Flight process to make sure that this does not happen again.

Please let us know ho the flight goes!


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