Advice: Bachelors in aeronautical science online?

Im currently in a A&P program along with getting an associates degree. And I know getting a bachelors degree is necessary. Would an online embry-riddle bachelors degree in aeronautical science be seen as less because its online? Would a bachelors specializing in aviation even set me apart ?


The airlines don’t care what field your degree is in. They just care that
you have one. Online degrees are fine as long as it is from a reputable
college. In my opinion a degree in aviation does not set you apart.
Airlines care most about flight time. The degree is just a checked box.



Nowhere on your degree from ER will it say “online”. The airline not only won’t care but they won’t even know. You’ll be fine.


I guess I’d enjoy the aviation focused degrees better . That’d be easier for me To focus anyways lol. Would you recommend getting the 4 year and THEN flight training at ATP? As I can always get it the 4 year later. I’d really like to go to ATP after my associates . What do you think ?

I personally recommend getting all four years of college done, then going to flight training. It can be slightly faster to get an associate’s, go to flight training and then finish your degree. I like doing the degree all at once though as it helps for the continuity of your education.

The choice is up to you, both paths have been proven to work well and have been followed by many.