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My name is Aaron and I am debating between two schools currently. I know this site is really for ATP and I am glad to say that ATP is my first choice currently. I am looking into the 100hr 9 month program and wanted to know, what is the probability of actually finishing in 9 months? Also, anyone who has financed with either Wells Fargo or Sallie Mae: what has your experience been with getting approved? I am going to be coming from working in the car industry for the last 6 years and looking to do something I have been head over heels for since I was born. Thank you for any and all advice and comments to this Topic.

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting!

The odds of finishing on schedule, or very close to on schedule, are rather high. In fact, we have recently had two students post about their experiences and they both discuss their schedules, you can read them here:

Hopefully some of the other students will jump in here to answer your financing question, but I can tell you that the fine people in the admissions department would be the best for answering those questions as they deal with this every day.

I have to ask, why the 100 hour program and not the 40? If you plan on instructing for ATP to build your hours there is really no need for the 100 hour program as you will get plenty of multi time as an instructor. I would strongly recommend doing the 40 hour program and saving yourself a bunch of money.


Thank you for the response Chris. I do have a question then about the 40hr vs the 100hr: as for instrument rating going from SE to ME is that something that can be done within the instructing time? I do understand it does save a good amount, but in the long run of wanting to get a job started with Envoy to go into AA is that going to be seen later as a fault or no difference either way?


The only reason to spend the extra money is if you’re not planning on instructing for ATP. If you are you’ll get the balance of the required multi-time as an instructor. Envoy won’t care either way.


Thank you Adam, now the only thing to do is figure out if I want to go South to Texas and fly in Arlington or west to San Diego, any suggestio?


I would suggest picking the location that is most convenient for you and not giving it much else thought. All of the locations are highly standardized and you should have the same experience no matter where you go.