Age question

I am most likely going to get to the regionals by age 29 or 30. I am going to finish college ideally in 4 years I’m 22, and have been on and off with school but have a lot of credits , will I be able to fly for a major and hold a captain position on a triple 7?


It is impossible to say. Nobody has a crystal ball and there are so many factors at play. I will say that your odds are good, but there are no guarantees.



According to my Magic 8 Ball “the signs point to yes”. But unfortunately that’s a question that no one on this Earth can answer. There are simply too many variables. Which airline? Will that airline still be in business? What planes do they fly AND what will they be flying 10-15-20 years from now? What does the economy do? Will you ever even make it to a Regional? Will we all be replaced by drones? Will N Korea start WWIII? Will you get an offer to fly Taylor Swift’s Global and forget all this silly airline stuff? Will you major in philosophy and question your existence and all our purposes in the universe? Will you marry someone who’s an environmentalist who convinces you that the airline industry is partially responsible for Global Warming and rather than fly you make it your personal mission to design a new “green solution”? Will the blind date you stood up (or kid who’s crayons you stole in kindergarten) turn out to be the person interviewing you? …

I could go on but you get the idea. If you’re asking if it’s “possible” then the answer is sure. The fact is no one knows what the future holds and frankly you don’t even have your Private Pilot’s license so worrying about what plane you may or may not be Capt on in 20yrs really serves no purpose. Start your flight training, work hard and do well and I’m sure you’ll find your way.