Airline Ground School

Hey folks, I start airline ground school/training in April with SKW. Just looking for any tips to help myself (and potentially others) be fully prepared for the time in training. (CRJ)


Congrats on SkyWest. I’m sure Hannah can give you some great info as she recently went through training but guaranteed once you get in there will be a gouge (or 3) floating around. Be prepared to work hard and you’ll be fine.


Check this out. :slight_smile: Basically you’ll receive your company iPad with access to your manuals about a week prior. There really isn’t much you can do to prepare just be sharp with your instrument knowledge and ready to work hard. You can look up some very popular Op specs like C060 & C078. Plus be very familiar with alternate rules and exemption 17347. Knowing these ahead of time will give you more time to focus on other study items during Indoc.


Thanks for that Adam!

Thanks Hannah, see you around!

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