Skywest Class Date

Hey all,
I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I interviewed and was offered the FO position by Skywest last week (contingent on me obtaining my last 300 hours of course). I’m pretty excited and happy about it. The recruiter thanked me for coming prepared, which meant a lot to me.

For all those wondering, here has been my timeline so Far.

7/2/2018: began ATP training with my credit private
3/7/2019: finished ATP and all CFI ratings
3/18/2019: began flight instruction
2/24/2020: hit 1100 hours. Interviewed and offered class date with Skywest for a 7/28/2020 class date

I’m on track to be at the airlines exactly two years since starting with ATP. This, of course, required a lot of hard work and sacrifices on my need. I’ve been holding out as much as I can before I sign-on to an airline. I think this week with TSA is a perfect example of how much things can change in this industry. I’m pretty excited for when this new phrase of my journey begins.



Congratulations on being hired by an airline! Thank you for the update and good luck out there.

Stay in touch, please.


Awesome job! Good luck!

Congrats Lynn!

Congrats, Lynn! That’s big time!


Could you further explain what coming prepared means? I am completely new to ATP and have no prior experience. Just want to see what I should be expecting when I interview later on!

Thank you!

It depends on what you’re preparing. For me, it was reading material given to me for preparing for the interview, AND then finding whatever else I would need to understand. Reading the material, finding other questions that might be asked, reviewing my knowledge, practicing drawing out the systems of my aircraft, meeting with people to ask me questions so that I knew I could answer them and reveal to them a proper understanding. If I didn’t (or don’t) understand something, then it’s finding other sources that explain the material in a different way that would make sense to me.

I’m regards to being prepared for ATP, I think that question has been asked a lot on this forum. Everyone says the same thing, “get all your written done before training”, so that’s what I did.