Airline relationships

Out of curiosity, is it ever possible for a husband and wife to both be pilots for the same company, and perhaps request to be put on the same route? Just something that was recently suggested to me. :blush:

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I actually know a few husbands and wives who fly for the same airline. As far as flying “on the same route” goes, that I’m afraid falls under the airline catch all answer of “SENIORITY”. While it would be a sweet and romantic notion that an airline would accommodate a request from a couple to remain by eachothers sides even while working, the reality is seniority rules. If they bid the “same route” (aka line) and their seniority can hold it they’ll get it and love will prevail, if they can’t, well hopefully the relationship will survive a little time apart. I do know one couple who were hired at around the same time so they have a similar seniority. The wife remained an FO while the husband upgraded to Capt. She’s now the #1 FO and therefore can hold any line she desires and they do in fact fly together often. Ain’t love grand :slight_smile:




I figured the seniority would play a major role on being placed on the same route. Mainly I asked because even in retail, a lot of employers will not hire spouses of current employees. Thank you for your response though! :smile:



Delta Airlines used to have a policy that prevented hiring family members, which was absurd in an industry that is often multi-generational. To my knowledge they have rescinded that policy and no other airlines have anything similar.


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I’ve flown on a few trips where the captain and the flight attendant were a couple. They bid to fly together and the system tries to accommodate their request as much as possible (seniority, of course, comes first).


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