Alarm Clocks


I’m going to a regional in about a month and had a rather odd question. I’ve always had issues with my alarm clocks. I used my iPhone for years, but lately it had been missing alarms and not going off. I finally settled on a standalone alarm clock the I put across the room to ensure I get up. What do you guys use? Do you set it to Zulu for the different zones? How does that work? Thanks!

Hello Tyler,

Congrats on your move! I had a blast at the Regionals and did some of the best flying of my life. Good times.

So how you deal with alarms is really personal preference BUT you do need to work it out. Miss one trip too many and you’ll get to spend some QT with your Chief Pilot. I’ve never had an issue with my phone and that’s what I use. All the hotels you’ll stay in will have alarms as well. I also know people that pack their own (one friend packs 2 plus her phone because she’s paranoid). I’m sure the others will have suggestions but again it’s def something you need to get worked out.


For the deepest of sleepers, such as myself, I use one called the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock. Very loud, comes with a bed shaker you put under your mattress to shake the bed, I put it under my pillow usually (This way I can leave the sound off and the vibration itself wakes me up while not waking up anyone else). It’s good for those short night sleeps to make sure you get up or deep sleepers. It runs about $40 on amazon.


I use my iPhone and schedule a wake-up call from the hotel as a back up. I used to travel with a small, battery powered alarm clock, but when it gave out I switched to using my phone. I always set my alarm in local time as that is how our schedules are displayed. My father was a US Airways pilot and their schedules were always shown on east coast time, so he set his alarms accordingly.

I leave my watch on eastern time and just do the math in my head. In my experience there is little use for Zulu time outside of the cockpit, which of course have clocks.

Congratulations on making the move! What airline are you headed to?


Hey Tyler how’s it going bud?

I just use my iPhone’s alarm but you also have the option to get a wake-up call at the hotel like Chris mentioned.

How are things at KIWA? Where are you headed?


Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I’ll probably do the iPhone alarm with the wake-up call as a backup like some of you guys mentioned to start off.

I’ll be going to Skywest on the CRJ. CTP is Feb 4th and Training begins Feb 27th. Really excited!

Yarden- Oh just the same as you remember. The professor is still there and it’s busy just like usual! Excited to start flying with the big boys!


Just know if you use the wake up call at the hotel they will ALWAYS call when you’re in the shower. I think they do that on purpose? :slight_smile:


Great choice man!

Good luck in training and hopefully we’ll see you flying the line soon!