Am I allowed to get extra money for housing when the ATP location has no housing?


I have been looking at attending the ATP location in New Jersey and I noticed they do not have housing. Well I have attempted to look through this forum to find out if you are allowed to use the housing part of the loan from let’s say Sallie May to help pay for an apartment. One of my friends lives in the New York area and was asking if I would like to live with him, if I were to do that I would need money. I understand I will not have a job so I will need some way to pay rent, I am just unsure if I am allowed to request for more money from my potential Sallie May loan based off of the housing that is off campus.

I apologize if this was answered somewhere else. From what I have seen this is the first time this has been brought up.



Yes. That is allowed. This is a personal loan. You can ask for whatever amount that is appropriate for your needs.



As Tory said these loans are personal loans. In theory you could take the whole thing and blow it on a hand of blackjack. Problem is you’ll still owe the money so I wouldn’t :wink:




Are you looking at the Trenton-Mercer location? I am enrolled there starting July.