AME Location for FAA First Class Medical Certificate


I am considering pursuing a career as an airline pilot. I am 23 years old and a 4 year college graduate. I do not have any experience flying aircrafts. However, flying has always been on the back of my mind while in college. Since I currently have no experience, I’d like to take advantage of ATP’s introductory flight lesson to see if flying is a career that I really want to pursue. I understand that I need a first class medical certificate before I enroll for my intro lesson. However, I attempted to locate an AME near me using the link provided on this website under “enrollment” and the search results don’t produce an AME near me. Please advise what I should do. Thank you.


If you type “Find an AME” into Google, it will take you to the appropriate FAA link.



If you check the ATP website it says you must be “capable” of obtaining a First Class Medical prior to your intro flight meaning if you’ve got any “blaring” medical issues that might prevent you to address those prior. As long as you’re in good health you can go ahead and schedule the Intro ( If you enjoy the flight and decide to pursue your training, THEN you must get your First Class.