April 2023 Schedule

April was a fun filled month with successfully completing my checkride! I had a few days in between when I finished the checkride (and got my first ever type rating) before I started IOE. I have also never been to Canada (that I can remember), so landing in Toronto was by far the best part of my first IOE trip. I was able to land 24R with gusting crosswinds and made our expected taxiway as briefed in cruise. Some other challenges that I got to experience were severe weather avoidance plans (SWAPs) featuring ground stops ( :slight_smile: ), along with weather deviation and consideration of alternates enroute for weather. I also loved the 45-minute taxi in Chicago on the 26th while I got the scenic view of O’Hare.

I am currently working on a writeup for my time in training at Piedmont and synopsis of what each phase is like in training for the airline. I have been more than pleased with my time at Piedmont and look forward to many more trips! :smiley:

Total(s): 40.2 hours block time

1 - OFF
2 - OFF
3 - OFF
4 - LOFT 5
5 - LOFT 6
6 - LOFT 7
7 - LOFT 8
8 - LOE
9 - OFF
10 - OFF
11 - OFF
12 - OFF
19 - OFF
20 - OFF
21 - OFF
22 - OFF
23 - OFF
29 - OFF

LOFT - Line Oriented Flight Training
LOE - Line Oriented Experience (Checkride & Type Rating)


Congrats Brady!

You definitely went to some cool airports on your first couple of trips of IOE! A lot of quick short flights on there to keep you sharp and on your toes. I’m still yet to go to ORD but I’ve been briefed by the more experienced pilots on how to not get yelled at by ATC whilst taxiing. Come land on 17L at DFW and you’ll get a nice 30 minute scenic taxi to look at DFW’s finest concrete and grass!

Best of luck on reserve and keep us updated!


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Nice write-up Brady! Certainly a busy month and lots of solid Regional experience (made me exhausted just reading it!).

I actually miss all those airports.


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Thanks guys! These last few weeks have been really fun and learning a ton. It’s nice to take what you learn in the simulator and apply a little technique and finesse to the flying aspect.

@RoscoeL, nothing too crazy about ORD. Simply if you’re told to follow ‘company’ or an airplane, you’re joining the congo line to your gate. The other day into ORD, we had taxied up B, giving way for two Envoy’s at A21, was expecting to cross 27L and double back to TT for A, but things change and we doubled back right before the bridges. I am not sure for you guys, but we contact an inbound frequency to verify the gate is open and ours, then give it to ground and if it’s not open we go to the ‘penalty box’ or a holding pad (A or B). I feel my operational technique out of ORD has improved since my first trip and things start flowing overtime. I think the hardest airport I’ve gone into yet is probably BOS, after shooting an ILS CAT II and messing up the taxi instructions. Which resulted in getting partially confused; best thing to do, advise ground, stop, clairfy, and that’s what we did… and apologize. :smiley:

@Adam, they’re all calling your name. :wink:


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Mark my words, ORD confusion is coming soon. It sneaks up on you right when you think you know what you are doing there.

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He’s absolutely right. Being based in ORD for 2 years, I’ll agree 100%. It makes you complacent because 95% of the time, ORD operates in the same way. Tribal knowledge that is not posted anywhere. Then that one day when they change it up on you… huge risk doing what you know subconsciously and not the specific clearance. Just a friendly reminder to be careful with confirmation bias! :slight_smile:


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Confusion should arise, thankfully they’re doing construction over by the terminal on B TWY so they’re rerouting everyone. The “standard taxi procedures” that are published on my company documents no longer are valid. One of the challenges that I feel ORD has is the million frequencies when you’re landing all the way from the terminal and having to cross two/three runways. :slight_smile: