Arizona Housing

I am interested in starting-the accelerated 7 month pilot program-at ATP pretty soon, in the next month or so.
Regarding location, I am leaning towards Preferably Arizona area (better weather, more plane time).
I browsed the hotel and housing options in AZ on the ATP website-noticed housing is currently unavailable for students.
I would be relocating to Arizona from Chicago and I am hoping to have a swift commute to training (possibly by foot/transport).
I would prefer to not need a car during my time at ATP as to not accrue further spending.
Has anybody experienced or know of best hotel near Arizona ATP school. (best=walking distance/10 minute max arrival time to and fro)
So far I searched up Tucson for housing but I would be open to best plane driving weather anywhere in AZ(nice and dry).

I can only share my experience at the Phoenix/Mesa Gateway ATP location. The housing for students is 6 miles away from the school. There was a bus stop outside of the apartment complex that went to the school every 30 minutes. I myself, took my own vehicle so I could stay at the training center longer and not have to worry about catching a bus to make it on time to class or for a flight lesson. To answer your question, at the KIWA location, there are plenty of hotels to choose from, as the KIWA location is near Arizona State University, and many parents visit their children at the school. Another thing, while Arizona is nice and dry, it is very hot. I was there from March through November, and some days were so hot, we could not fly. Also, the “monsoon” season starts in August and goes for a few months. I was delayed a few times because of convective weather. My advice to you, and a mentor can share their thoughts as well, is to choose a location that makes sense for you. Arizona is nice and dry, but so is Texas and California. Every location will have its challenges. You started on the right path by asking questions, but do your own research as well and keep reading the posts on this forum. There is plenty of information regarding ATP locations and student housing. Best of Luck.


First off it’s recommended you have your own transportation to/from training. There will be long days and flying on off-hours. You will be responsible for getting yourself there on time and ready to work.

As for Arizona, as Angel points out EVERY location has its weather challenges. You’d be far better served choosing your location based on YOUR convenience (close to home or family you could stay with and use that hotel money for a car).

Finally while ATP starts classes regularly, available
slots are often hard to come by and sometimes fill up months in advance. There’s also an admission process that must be completed before you can reserve a date/location.

Long/short you most likely will not be starting for a few months but you do want to get started on the process.


In addition, I haven’t yet completed my degree.
I do however, have 2 years of college but that’s pretty much it.
Is it strongly recommended I have a degree before even starting my pilot training journey?
If so-Does it matter which degree I pursue?
I am reconsidering and would possibly be staying in Chicago, getting a car and commuting to training.
The commute will be an hour drive (bright side: 30 minutes in the early morn)
Thanks for the advice so far as well!


We always recommend you complete college first. Many find it difficult to return after they leave and the Majors prefer pilots with degrees.

As for your drive I’m not sure you’re understanding the program? Training can be dynamic and there will be times you need to be able to get to the airport quickly should the weather or other factors change. If your commute takes an hour you will not be accepted into the program.