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I have a quick question about the admissions application. I am currently a junior in college (non-aviation related) and am planning on attending ATP in Camarillo or Long Beach. Based on the remaining classes I need, I will be done with my Bachelor’s Degree in December 2024. I would want to have a class date in January 2025. I would like to be accepted into the program and with a set class date of January 2025 by the beginning of this summer as I want to do all the written tests over this summer to get them out of the way. From my understanding, ATP will give you resources to study for the written tests once you are enrolled in the program correct? That is why I would like to be enrolled by the summer but with a class date of January 2025. Also, I understand that it is smart to set a class date 3-6 months out just to ensure availability.

Also, as I am looking at the application right now, one of the questions is “Highest Degree Attained.” As of right now, I am not done with college, but at the time of when I would want to start, I will have a bachelor’s degree. Would I put “high school” into this question or can I put “Bachelor’s Degree” as I will have it in December 2024. I hope this made sense. Please let me know if what I am saying is not making sense and I will try to simplify it.

Additionally, another question on the application is “Employment.” I do not have any job experience and as I have stated, I am a student. The following question is “Type of Employment.” What would I put into this question? “Other?” The other options in the drop-down menu do not make sense for a student.

I appreciate any response to my questions and please do not hesitate to ask for clarification on my situation. Thanks everyone!!!



The answer is pretty clear to your first question. What is your highest degree attained? If you’ve attained your Bachelors you put Bachelors, if you have not (which you haven’t) you put HS. While the likelihood is that you’ll complete your degree, the reality is things happen and you may not. If fact ATP might not accept you as a student until you have. In that case if you want to complete your writtens you can purchase the study software and ATP will compensate you with a subscription to ForeFlight.

As for your work experience yes I’d put other and if it asks for details you simply put student.


Where is the application exactly? All I’ve ever found is the phone number to call admissions and the form to get an info packet.


You may want to follow up with the admissions department. There is a step by step guide of what to complete throughout the enrollment process. If you haven’t completed each step previously, you won’t be able to apply.

Here’s the reference:



If you’re looking to start at ATP in January 2025, the few things you need to do is apply for a loan (if using a lender), complete the pre-enrollment interview along with an admissions flight and a medical.

The admissions flight is valid for 9 or 12 months (been sometime since I’ve answered that) and acquire a 1st Class Medical. While you don’t need 1st Class Privileges yet, ATP wants you to enter with a valid 1st Class Medical and once the 12 calendar months of privileges wear out, you will retain 2nd Class Privileges for 12 calendar months thereafter, etc. To ensure you can get a class date, you are going to need to start the enrollment process about, May?

If financing, you could theoretically start that as soon as May because the terms and conditions of loan are good for 9 months (again, maybe 12, but it has been sometime). This is also important because sometimes financing can take a decent bit. For me it took about month of negotiating with underwriters because my co-signor had just changed jobs previous year(s).

Highest Degree Attained - High School, as of today. Bachelor’s once you have the diploma in hand.

While it is not required anymore to complete the PAR written before Day 1 entry, it is highly recommended to get at least the PAR completed. We actually recommend getting as many writtens completed as possible to decrease the workload in the program. As an instructor, we can see the difference in students cramming for an AKT to those that have already gotten the head start.

I recommend following the steps listed out in Hannah’s reply for your best chances at enrollment in ATP’s ACPP:


Thank you for the replies Adam and Brady

I will go ahead and put “high school” as the highest degree attained on the application. After submitting the application, do I need to call ATP to do the interview or should I expect to be contacted to plan a time for a phone interview? And during this phone interview, it would be appropriate to say that I should have completed my Bachelor’s degree before my desired start date of January 2025 correct?

After completing the pre-enrollment interview and assuming everything goes well, should I show up for an admissions flight with a first-class medical in hand or should I get it after the admissions flight?

Lastly, I do plan on doing all of the written tests over this upcoming summer as I will not have time during the fall as I am in school and want to begin training in January right after completing my degree. Assuming I finalize a class date for January sometime in May or June and gain access to all of ATP’s resources, what do they provide that is applicable study material for the written tests? And are there other resources that many have found to be useful and effective while studying for the written tests?

Sorry for all the questions (I’m sure I will have more as more replies will be coming in), I am just trying to plan things out regardless of how far away beginning training may seem. Again, thank you for all the responses and I hope to hear from you all soon!!!


Ah, I feel like I’ve been on this enrollment steps page a million times and must never have hit the START APPLICATION button!

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It’s like a light bulb just appeared… :bulb: good luck!