Airline age hiring age out of ATP

Hello, I’ve been doing some research and heard that in order to join the PSA airlines or many regional airlines that flynpassenger jets, which are the babies of the major airlines, they require a minimum of age 23 to be join, but I have a friend who finished ATP flight school and started working for commute air at age 21? Is it possible to finish ATP flight school and do the flight instructing to get to 1500 hours, and around age 21 go to PSA for instance? Or do I have to try to flight instruct for another 2 year sn or find a corporate job till I’m 23? Thanks! Sorry if I’m a bit confusing.

One can get a restricted ATP at 21 years of age:

And that restricted is just ATP flight school graduate and the 1500 hours. People get through without any college at age 21?


The R-ATP (Restricted ATP) has nothing to do with ATP Flight School. It’s an FAA license and was created by the FAA specifically to allow pilots who are 21 to be hired by Regionals Airlines (not sure I’d call them the "babies of the Majors) as FOs due to the pilot shortage. It also has nothing to do with college although you should consider getting a degree at some point.


Thank you so much, I was just trying to learn it up, I was being told by a pilot that the minimum age is 23 for regionals if you get trained by ATP and I did not know why he was saying this, but it is all clear now, and yes I am planning on taking flexible college courses online while regional flying :slight_smile: thank you so much pilots, you guys are real alwesome​:muscle:t4: