ATP and the AirForce Reserves

Hello, my name in Dan and I am currently 17 years old. I have done quite some research on ATP and essentially I have changed my long distanced plan to civilian flight training upon receiving a Bachelors in Aeronautical Science. I am currently enlisted in the AirForce reserves on a 6 year contract and with it being highly likely that I will be deployed once or twice, I will still have about a year left with my contract. In the plausible event, would I be able to attend ATP flight school while finishing off my Reserve enlistment? Base trainings are one weekend for every month and two weeks a year during summer. Thank you!


This question comes up occasionally. The one weekend a month is not an issue but the two weeks during the summer could be. You should really try and schedule your ATP training so the two summer weeks don’t conflict.



The real issue comes if you have to deploy during your training. That will have a significant impact on your training.



Others in your shoes have made it work. I would have a conversation with admissions about it and see what they say.