Can I not get hired at 21 with full atp

If I graduate highschool at 19 and get 1500hrs in 2years I’ll be 21, but since I dont have the restricted ATP does that mean I have to wait until 23 to get hired?

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I’m not an expert but if you are interested in ATP flight school then you need 2 years of college or 2 years of work experience to get accepted at ATP. You can not go to ATP right after high school and thats what I am working on right now. I don’t have a PPL or 2 years of work experience so once I’m done with my associates degree I will apply there.

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Peter and Hamza,

You can get a restricted ATP at age 21 if you have 1,500 hors of flight time.

I would also point out that ATP is now allowing some exceptions to the entry criteria. Call the admissions department and ask about your specific situation.



Hi Chris

Did they change it this month? Because I called them in February and the admission requirements were the same. If they are changing the requirements, will they lower the flying cost too? :joy:

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I believe there was a change since February.

Why would the cost lower because the entry requirements changed? The program is still the same.

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I thought maybe they would but never mind. Thanks for the information.

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You most certainly can get hired at 21. You will just hold a restricted ATP until you turn 23.


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Oh okay thanks for the information Hamza_Rizwan. I’ll think about getting the ppl.

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I somehow thought that restricted ATP (which allows you to get hired at 21) is only attainable by getting an associates or bachelors degree in aviation. Thank you for the information Chris.

Thanks Tory I think I misunderstood what restricted and nonrestricted ATP did.