ATP Camarillo, CA location

If anyone here attended the Camarillo location, how was your overall experience, did you enjoy the program, and get the most out of the program?


The Camarillo location is relatively new and small. The odds of someone from that location is active on the forum are slim, but hopefully someone responds.

That said, if ATP doesn’t think that a location is appropriate for accelerated flight training then they don’t set up a school there.

In other words, I would advise you to not worry about the efficiencies of each location. That is ATP’s wheelhouse. If the location is convenient for you to attend then that is where I would recommend you do your training.



I am not sure if we have anybody on here from the Camarillo location. That being said, ATP strives very hard to standardize the student experience across all of the locations. I would encourage you to set up a tour of the location and schedule a flight there. You can do both by calling the main ATP number.



Not sure if anyone from Camarillo will chime in but ATP works very hard to standardize all their locations to ensure they deliver the same quality of training and resources to all students everywhere.

Further as this industry is moving at an unprecedented rate. If someone had an experience with a particular instructor (good or bad), in all likelihood there’s a good chance they’ve moved on.

Long short, choose a location that works best for you.


Hi Nik,

I am enrolled to start at the Camarillo location on Sep 5th. Had my discovery flight there and got to meet some instructors. Seems like a great place! I can share more in a couple of months =)


I begin at the Camarillo location in a few weeks! My start date is September 12th. Same as Gary I had a great experience during my introductory flight, I can say that the instructors there were very nice and welcoming as soon as I walked into the door they were there to immediately help me and answer any and all my questions. Has I have not officially started I can’t speak for the overall experience training there but I can tell you that from my first impressions I am very excited to start!! Can and will update you on my experiences when I start!



You’ll be starting a week before me. 12th of September is my start date!
Let me know how the first week of training goes!